Midnight Murders

Over two hundred years ago, this bloody night marked the end of one era and the beginning of a new for the city of Dun-di. An unknown expert drow assassin made his way through the town’s guards in the middle of the night, with most of the town’s force executed by morning. As the sun rose, people began to notice the bodies piling in the streets and periodically a new scream could be heard in the city. As people began to flee upon this fearful sight, this drow used a staff to cast powerful destructive fireballs and explosions destroying most of the central buildings in town.

While many people died in the city, others were able to travel to the outskirts of the city set up refugee camps. It was later in the evening that day that the Protectors of Dun-di, Zobdoko, Einkil, Marius, and Willie Jenkins arrived in the city eventually defeating the assassing, but the damage was done.

Later that day, Einkil returned to the city claiming the title of King and Protector of the City, and given the valiant efforts of the group to save the city earlier, he was gladly welcomed into the position.

Still to this day, there is much speculation concerning the origins of this drow and the motivation behind the attacks. Some rumors suggest that he may have been yet another pawn in a war among magic users; this is a notion that has been claimed recently by the anti-magic movement developing across the continent. Others think he may have just been one deranged sociopath.

Midnight Murders

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