Southern Kingdoms


The Southern Kingdoms is the oldest sustained kingdom on Kyra. The Southern Kingdoms is located south of the Dun-di Empire on the southernmost peninsula of Kyra. While the topography of the land is quite rocky, the population has managed to sustain a successful economy in the past through the cooperation between dwarves in underground cities and the small human establishments above ground.


Several hundred years ago, a number of separate human and dwarven kingdoms and city states came together to form the Southern Kingdoms. While this connection was initially proposed simply as an economic cooperation, they kingdoms have grown closer together both economically and culturally over time.

Especially relevant to the kingdoms continuing success in this relative dark age is their success in defending their homelands during the Dragon Wars. Using the mountainous terrain to their advantage, the residents of the human cities huddled beneath their fortifications and climbed into the mountain halls of the dwarven lords to withstand the siege of the Dragon Lords. They ultimately held their boarders solid long enough for the mages of the Magical Society to fight and defeat the dragons themselves.


In the past, the Southern Kingdoms have been very successful economically through trade activity. The mountains below the human towns in the realms were rich in precious metals and minerals, and the dwarven inhabitants put centuries of tradition and expertise to use in turning these materials into some of the finest items and weapons forged on the continent. These items would then be traded abroad for food and other necessary materials. But over the last century, trade with surrounding nations has significantly decreased as other realms collapsed to instability and in-fighting. Now only one large significant trading partner remains, the Dun-di Empire. Despite Dun-di’s prolific fields, Dun-di City has become a crafting center in it’s own right, and therefore they have been less willing to part with their foodstuffs for high caliber items from across the border.


The Southern Kingdoms are governed by a council made up of equal parts human and dwarf. Every decision affecting the realm is decided upon by the council in a majority vote.

Like much of the world, magic has also been outlawed in the Southern Kingdoms. The humans strongly insisted on enforcing this band to protect the realm from casters, while the dwarves had fewer concerns, especially as there were some among them that were actually alive to witness the involvement of both sides in the Dragon Wars. Nonetheless, the dwarves on the council eventually agreed to make magic illegal in their realm as well. Still to this day, dwarves in the kingdom are less likely to hold a prejudice against magic and its practitioners. Correspondingly, the laws against magic do not seem to be as rigorously enforced below ground as above.

Southern Kingdoms

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