Dun-di Empire


The Dun-di Empire is centrally located in the southern plains known as the Great Plains of Dun-di on the continent of Kyra. It consists primarily of the massive technological and economic wonder that is Dun-di City. The rest of the empire encloses small towns and farmsteads that provide the food and materials necessary to maintain life in the city.


The Dun-di Empire is mostly remembered as the home and the realm sponsored by the heroes of the Dragon Wars. The empire scattered and decimated during the war was primarily rebuilt with the generous financial support of Einkil Dankil, Zobdoko, Willie Jenkins, and Marius. For their efforts, a statue of the group was constructed in the central square of Dun-di City.

While the Midnight Murders in Dun-di City had little impact on the outskirts, the heroes of the Dragon Wars once again restored order to the realm. After these events, Einkil returned and assumed the throne of the kingdom to ensure the reconstruction and continued safety of the realm. In his elder years, King Einkil still plays a role in the governance of the city, while many tasks have been relegated to his large court of assistants.


In contrast with much of the world, the Dun-di Empire has a greatly successful and advanced economy. Through the generous investments and reconstruction efforts of King Einkil and the successful financial planning of the king’s assistant Lord Belwin many years ago, the economy of the kingdom flourished. Since that time, Dun-di City has continued developing and now is the largest metropolis in the world. This had lead to many people from the countryside and from other kingdoms across the land to travel here for employment and shelter.


Also in contrast with many kingdoms of the world, Dun-di has been very accepting of magic and magic users. Magic users are still able to openly practice magic, and the city still has an active school and tower for the Magical Society. This stance has increased tensions with some of it’s neighbors, but due to its economic power and peaceful politics, relations with nearby nations have remained stable.

Dun-di Empire

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