Dragon Wars

The Dragon Wars is a series of conflicts waged on every continent on the planet over two hundred years ago from Year 8,314 to Year 8,316. These wars ravaged the lands and destroyed the infrastructure and leadership of many of the most powerful empires and cities across the planet.

The Wars began as Lord Siphion, a disciple of the evil dragon god Tiamat, found the first of the Dragon Rings and discovered the ancient secrets of their power and use. Each Dragon Ring enabled the wearer to call upon all dragons of a single color on the planet to serve the wearer and spread the dominion of dragons across the planet.

After the Dragon Lords had already gained quite a bit of momentum in the wars against the kingdoms, leaders of the Magical Society, the now disbanded Arcane Order, and the infamous arch-necromancer Amiss agreed to an alliance to battle these forces. Particularly important to the success of this alliance was the efforts of the gold dragon Fuunharkaspirinon (“Fuu”), Einkil Dankil, Zobdoko, Raiden, Rauss, and Wallace. They worked together to discover the Dragon Rings associated with the Metallic Dragons to form a force of dragons to challenges those of the evil dragon lords.

The final battle took place in the capital of The Empire of Chorast on the small continent of Bangram Kirado. With efforts of Einkil, Zobdoko, Rauss, Wallace, and Silvia Whiteflare an Archmage of the Magical Society and the last Great Maester of the Arcane Order, the Dragon Lords including Lord Siphion himself were soundly defeated in the city, although the buildings and its’ residents were not spared from the conflict.

These conflicts and their aftermath had a profound impact on the world of Togugia. In fact, a number of historians have suggested re-establishing Year 1 of the universal year record to recognize the gravity of these events on world history. While this has not taken hold across the globe, the significance the Dragon Wars cannot be denied. Even well-established kingdoms such as the Empire of Chorast and the Republic of Kirado quickly collapsed after the Dragon Wars. With much of the countryside ravaged and with the manpower of most of the developed world depleted, this set the stage for constant wars, in-fighting, and the collapse of kingdoms across the planet.

Now, most citizens, leaders, and even religious officials have taken a stance against arcane magic in all of its forms due to the abuses of magic that were seen during the era of the Dragon Wars. Those not involved in the fighting of the Dragon Wars simply viewed this is a conflict among camps of elite wizards and sorcerers that eventually led to the destruction of their homes and nations. Therefore even to this date, many people still blame magic users for the anarchic and broken state of the world.

Dragon Wars

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