Theora Fletcher


Theora stands at 5’11” with violet eyes and roan brown hair. This half-elf has a striking appearance, but is, in truth, is a quite figure who observes before she acts. Theora is introverted and contemplative, an effect of always being the outcast.


Theora was born to Sylviane Fletcher, a traveling herb-woman who had a hit-and-run romance with the elvin ranger, Mardak Oaklord. Sylviane gave up traveling once Theora was born and settled in a small human settlement on the edge of Souldestrium Forest where she acted as the midwife and healer of the village.

The children of the village shunned Theora for being different. So, Theora spent much of her time in the woods, befriending animals and learning the ways of the plants that grew there. She became very close to nature at a young age.

After her mother died, the village’s tolerance of Theora dwindled ever further. Theora decided to go find her father’s people deep in the Souldestrium Forest. She found them and her father. The elves tolerated her better than did the humans, but there was a great deal of tension between Theora and her father’s famlily. They often teased her by calling her “Fletcher”, an insult to her bastard human birth. Yet, Theora, being clever, became skilled with the bow and arrow, enough so that many of the elves began to call her “Fletcher” after her skill. Theora stayed only for a few years – long enough to learn of the goddess Ehlonna.

Upon leaving the elves, Theora traveled to Dun-di city to study magic and the faith.

Theora Fletcher

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