Risca Filmere

For once he had no idea what his future would bring him, but he knew that the knowledge was locked in his past.


Not too long ago Risca was only concerned with simple things, such as the farm’s cow going into labor any day now or repairing the wagon’s rear axel for the third time this week. Found at the door of an orphanage as a newborn and some time after a modest farmer’s family took him in, Risca never knew anything about his biological past and honestly never cared. He had everything he wanted here: a simple life. Not to say he wasn’t a trouble maker, as he definitely stirred up the peace with his close friend Timmons on those boring winter nights, but he was a good lad who worked hard at the end of the day.

And then, there was that fateful night which would change everything, as most fateful nights do.

It began as any other, Risca and Timmons meeting up at the pub and getting a bit of ale into them while they shot the shit. Timmons had encountered the well-known David “Big Prick” Melendez earlier that day as he was purchasing oats and barley at the feed store. As per usual, David was making a mockery of everyone and when Timmons thought of the truth that he actually had a “small prick” as one girl found out a week previous, Timmons let out his iconic whinnying chuckle. This made him a prime target for David’s un-relentless jeering. After quickly becoming annoyed, Timmons attempted to push him past him, but David caught his should and shoved him into a stand where Timmons hit his head and was knocked out cold. When he awoke, he found his wallet much lighter.

Quickly, Risca formulated the plan to break into David’s home and steal back what was rightfully Timmon’s and possibly even leave a warm “present” in the prick’s pillowcase. Timmons wasn’t hard to convince and they set out to exact some revenge. Upon arriving at the Melendez stead, it was quite fortunate that no one was yet home and so breaking a window to get inside was the best option. Inside the home that found that under all that asshole-ishness, David was also quite paranoid, as he kept his stash locked under his bed. Timmons attempted to pick it, but to no avail. Risca tried himself but he too was not skilled in such manners and failed. Out of frustration he just started to pull on it, swearing at the thing.

As he pulled and yanked as hard as he could, he wasn’t aware that the temperature in the room was quickly dropping. Timmons shivered and became very worried about this strange event, wanted to leave as soon as possible, he told Risca to forget about it. He said it wasn’t a big deal but Risca didn’t listen. A quick bright blue flash erupted out of Risca’s hands, the lock became encrusted in ice and shattered as he tugged with all his strength. Risca was stunned but Timmons was horrified. Timmons quickly bolted out of the room and headed for the woods. Risca went after him, as he got to the porch, Timmons was nearly to the edge of the clearing. Out of pure instinct, Risca shot his hand out and Timmons had a sharp pain in his head causing him to stumble into the forest, tripping on a fallen log.

Risca made his way up to his dear friend, finding his face covered in blood, but still conscious. Timmons crawled back and began spouting how Risca was some kind of monster and he was going to report him to the authorities. Risca pleaded to Timmons that he had no idea what happened and didn’t intend any of it. He needed Timmons to come to his senses, if Timmons reports him, he’ll be hanged almost immediately. Timmons spit him in the face and told this monster to leave him alone. Risca’s anger slowly grew, causing him to grab at Timmons shirt and started shaking him, screaming that he wasn’t a monster. But the next dreadful event, would make him question that for the next few years of his life. As he shook him, his fingers became rough and claws began to emerge. He felt them sink deep into Timmons flesh, anger and confusion quickly washed over him and he suddenly blacked out.

Upon re-awaking, Risca found Timmons’s body horribly eviscerated. His long time friend’s life ended by his own hands. He decided to leave town immediately after grabbing his essentials and leaving a note telling his family that he needed to find out more about his true-lineage, not knowing when or if he’ll be coming back. For once he had no idea what his future would bring him, but he knew that the knowledge was locked in his past. Over the next few years, he’d wander the country side, doing odd-jobs, never staying in one place for too long and researching his knew-found abilities in secret, knowing that if he has better control over this curse, something horrible won’t happen to the people he cares for again.

Risca Filmere

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