Rhuarc Stryver

One of the main party members of the Scattered Empires campaign and the only sorcerer. As such he travels with owl familiar named Vrath.


A human male of a muscular athletic build standing at 6 foot tall and weighing about 175 pounds. He has medium to long dark brown hair with piercing blue eyes.


Stryver History, Birth and Origin of Rhuarc –

Rhuarc Stryver was the first and only son of Zeerid Stryver and Larin Stryver. Rhuarc’s only other known relatives are his younger sister of fourteen years, Ayrn Stryver, and his grandfather Ven Stryver, the father of Zeerid. He was born and raised in the city of Dun-Di under the care of the Magical Society where much of his time was spent studying and training. Rhuarc’s relationship with the Magical Society of Dun-Di was established early on given that his father was an active member and well respect sorcerer in the region. Descending from a genetic heritage of sorcerers, the Stryver family has always played a role in the politics of magic supporting their fellow spellcasters. An outlier among the family, Ven was not born with the natural ability for magic. He instead channeled his energy inward honing his mind and body by becoming a monk living in isolation off a river just outside of Dun-Di.

Early Life –

Rhuarc spent many of his early childhood studying and training in his father’s footsteps within the Magical Society. Zeerid had a great influence on Rhuarc as a role model and shaped many of Rhuarc’s philosophies on life and magic. As a member of the Magical Society, Zeerid worked hard within his community to promote the good of magic and spellcarft during a time in which magic was not tolerated. This often forced Zeerid in the public’s eye as a voice for the magical community. Inevitably, Zeerid found himself elected into the council of the Magical Society around the time of Aryn’s birth. As these events unfolded, Rhuarc watched and soon became clear to him that he wanted to grow up just like his father. He worked hard in his classes, determined that he would harness his power for the betterment of all.

On occasion, Rhuarc’s father would take him to his grandfather’s house, a tiny home in a small wooded outcropping in the flat plains of Dun-di that Ven Stryver resided in. Ven was a man of extreme self-discipline both mentally and physically. He passed his wisdom down to both his son and his grandson with every opportunity he could. He would frequently repeat to Rhuarc, “My son, remember to have a still heart, and a still mind.”

Ven encouraged Rhuarc to not solely train his inner power, but to also maintain his physical body. Taking this lesson to heart, Rhuarc would often exercise between long bouts of study. Seeking out boys his age, Rhuarc would wander off to the Fighter’s Academy and play sports whenever he could. Playing hard, Rhuarc would keep up fairly well, even though he was never the strongest or the fastest boy. When the games were over he would return home and lay on his bed exhausted. Staring out the window he would and neglecting his studies he would he reflected on how much fun taking to heart his grandfather’s first lesson, a still mind.

Exercise was not the only discipline that Ven passed down to his grandson. Ven was also an expert aviculturist, particularly to birds in the order of Strigiformes. Teaching his grandson how to care and raise his owls taught the lesson of patience and the importance of a still heart. When Rhuarc was thirteen, Ven gave Rhuarc a fledgling owl for him to take care of on his own. After much deliberation, Rhuarc named the owl Vrath, and cared for him as if it was his own brother.

Adolescence –

In his young adult life, Rhuarc was determined to be one of the best sorcerers the Magical Society had ever seen. Focusing on his studies, he was often he was one of the top of his class. By his early twenties, Rhuarc made the rank of sorcerer at a very young age. It was assumed by most of the Magical Society that he would one day play an active role in Dun-di akin to his father. However the older Rhuarc became, the more he began to question his role within the Magical Society. Try as they might, the Magical Society was not a perfect system and could not protect everyone. Throughout his childhood, friends of Rhuarc mysteriously disappeared. There were a few instances when his classmates were openly attacked by anti-magic sentiment. A deep resentment began to take root in the back of Rhuarc’s mind. Fostering his resentment, he began to wonder if his place truly resided within the confines Magical Society. Conflicted, he harbored feelings to support and feelings to strike out against the Magical Society, leading Rhuarc to feel constantly trapped within the walls of Dun-di. As Aryn began to start her education with the Magical Society, Rhuarc wished only that he could provide a safer world for her to grown in.

The Turning Point -

Towards the end of his twenty seventh year of life, news reached Rhuarc of his father’s premature and unnatural death. The information reached the Stryver family late one evening while Zeerid was supposedly away on business. It was long since suspected that Zeerid could be the target for a political hate crime, and he very well was. Rhuarc gleaned very little insight on his father’s mysterious death for the Magical Society worked hard to cover the whole incident up. Desiring Zeerid’s death not to go public, the Magical Society feared that the news of one of their most respected sorcerer’s killed under their protection would lead to civil unrest amongst the people of Dun-di. What little Rhuarc did learn however was that his father’s body was discovered in the Undercity and the body showed evidence of attacks from multiple individuals. Outraged, Rhuarc was torn between exacting his revenge against his father’s murders and burning the Magical Society down. Knowing that both would hurt his new found cause, he became convinced that the Magical Society was dying and could no longer defend its people. Rhuarc sorely desired to seek out the murderer’s and deliver their much deserve justice. But in doing so, spellcasters would get a black mark as bloodthirsty murderers since the public did not know of Zeerid’s death.

Zeerid always served as Rhuarc’s morality compass, giving him insight and guidance when times were uncertain. In his absences, Rhuarc wasn’t sure where to turn. Recklessly, he decided that if the Magical Society was unable to create a safe haven for magic users, then the task would be up to him to create a new one. Not entirely sure where to go in the wake of his father’s death, he left the Magical Society and his family behind to seek out a new home. Swearing that he would return for his fellow magic user and his family, he gathered up his personal effects, woke Vrath, and left the evening following his father’s death.

Rhuarc Stryver

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