King Einkil Dankil

The King and Proector of the Dun-di Empire


Dwarven King


Einkil Dankil played a significant role in the protection and reconstruction of Dun-di City two times, once after the destruction of the Dragon Wars and again when the city specifically came under attack during the Midnight Murders. Along with his famous companions Willie Jenkins, Zobdoko, and Marius, Einkil eventually stopped the assassin that caused so much pain and damage during these murders. And after the attacks, Einkil poured a significant portion of his personal wealth into the reconstruction of the kingdom.

At this time, Einkil named himself king of the city to serve as protector of the city and guide the reconstruction effort. The survivors in Dun-di gladly accepted his rule given his pivotal role in dispatching the assassin and his well established combat prowess. With his personal wealth and the smart advising of Belwin, the newly appointed King’s Steward, the town quickly recovered and began to rapidly expand.

King Einkil also established the now world-renowned school for fighters, the Dun-di Academy for Advanced Tactics (DAAT). He set out on a search for skilled fighters to act as masters in the school, but he saw to the training of the most advanced pupils himself. Now even in his old age, King Einkil still works with the advanced students in advanced battle tactics and techniques.

Despite being the dwarven sovereign of a predominantly human realm, King Einkil has been well liked by the people. Due to his generosity in the reconstruction of the town and his generally accepting laws and practices, the common people generally have a high opinion of their ruler.

King Einkil Dankil

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