Harold Böltzkröö

Young Wizard Friend of Rhuarc


Young novice mage of the Dun-di Magical Society. He is slightly overweight with short brown hair and hazel eyes. He often wears the different muted colors associated with novice status in the Magical Society.


Harold is 24 and studies as a wizard in the Magical Society of Dun-di. He joined the Magical Society, simply because “there was nothing else better to do.” He studies as an illusionist, enjoying the flashy look of such magic even with minimal arcane power. While he has less natural ability for magic, he looks up to those in the magical society with great skill or potential, including his friend Rhuarc Stryver. They met early on in training and as the slightly older of the two, Harold has seen Rhuarc as both a friend and a mentor.

Recently, while having a drink with Rhuarc at the Toothless Bison, he nearly lost his life attempted to flee an attack against the magic users from some locals. A group of capable adventures intervened during the attack, but his wounds were severe.

Harold Böltzkröö

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