Commander Rodett Blackstout

The Commander of the Guards of the Anvil and the Protector of the King of Dun-di


Commander Blackstout can almost always be seen carrying his rich engraved battle axe and wearing his gold inlaid armor. He has dark brown eyes and long blond hair that flows past his shoulders, which he ties back for combat. While he has several scars and bruises from combat and training, he is younger than most of the other members at the age of 32.


Blackstout comes from a long line of fighters. He believes that whether you want it or not war comes to most people during their lifetime, so all people should be ready for war. Therefore, he often speaks publicly to keep themselves physically strong and their battle skills honed regardless of their social rank or the current political situation. He is admired by many throughout the kingdom, and he is known for his feats of battle prowess and speed in combat both in tournaments and in the field.

Commander Rodett Blackstout

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