Ayro al'Tor

Female Barbarian of the Scattered Empires group. Currently: Ragin'!


Ayro al’Tor was a member of the clan Tor, of the Great Plains of Dun-di. Like the Tors of her namesake, Ayro has the black hair, tan skin and gray eyes that distinguish her family from the other various tribes of Dun-di. Roughly 5’10", she has a strong build deceptively capable of fast speeds and great strength. Various scars criss-cross her form, displaying tribute to the many battles she has endured (though, fortunately, none too many scar her face).

Her temper is that of a winter storm; cool and slow at first. Then, hell breaks loose on the land in a path of destruction unparalleled. The Tors are known for their mighty battle rage and use their fearsome reputation to maintain their rank at the top of the warring clans. When provoked, the Tors vengeance is slow and powerful and even cruel at times. None can stand in their way. And to Ayro, her inherited rage is a tool to be used.


Two years have passed since Ayro al’Tor left her homeland of the Great Plains. “Left” in her eyes; “banished” in others. After failing to pass the Kunari at the age of 18, her clan’s right of passage for all young members of clan Tor, Ayro was banished. As daughter to the clan’s chief, Asoka al’Tor, her shame was doubled. Tripled even; as the oldest child, Ayro would have taken up her father’s battleaxe and became clan chief, as was tradition. All would have gone as expected, were it not for her conniving brother, Alan. Through his jealousy of Ayro, Alan set her up to fail her Kunari so that he might be next in line as his father’s heir. For her Kunari, Ayro was given the great task of seeking revenge and killing the son of a chieftain of a lesser Plains clan, who had murdered her cousin. Alan took this opportunity to remove his older sister and informed the enemy clan, the Kardin, of the Tors intent. When the time came for Ayro to fulfill her passage, she was met with the full force of the Kardin tribe, protecting her intended victim. Ayro barely escaped with her life. Her return was met with disgrace and without mercy as she was cast from her tribe. Ayro later discovered her brother’s treacherous hand in her downfall and vowed to seek her revenge against him and claim her rightful place as clan leader. Without any means to reach her goals, Ayro traveled to the city of Dun-di, to gain admittance to the fabled fighting school there as a way to hone her talents. It has taken two years for Ayro to master her fighting talent and gain a better knowledge of world around her. Two years of living in the city of Dun-di has “tamed” her wild upbringing somewhat and granted her a more “civilized” appearance. Feeling that the school had not much else to teach her, Ayro has decided to leave and attempt to find the next step in her path to gain back her place among her clan … and, to vengeance.

Ayro al'Tor

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