Alrik Whelan

A male paladin of the Scattered Empires campaign. Alrik Whelan is his name Lawful Good is his game.


Alrik is a 25 year old human paladin standing about 5’10" and weighing 175 lbs. He has long brown wavy hair and a brown beard that coats his weathered face.


Alrik Whelan is a sworn protector and conscript of Pelor. Upholding good and lawfulness is his main duty. Coming from a long line of paladins, Alrik has had these ideas deeply planted in his mind from childhood. Rather than playing with friends Alrik spent his childhood training with wooden swords and learning the path of righteousness through worship of Pelor. Growing up in Dun-di made it very easy for him to learn the ways of the paladin.

Alrik’s father, Giermund Whelan, made training Alrik his sole responsibility. Having been through many battles, Giermund was the perfect teacher for the young Alrik. Alrik’s mother Freya died while giving birth to him. Alrik has visions and dreams of what his mother was like and often receives messages from her, guiding him to become a noble warrior.

Now Alrik is 25 and his father has fallen ill. Having learned all he can, Alrik is confident in being able to hold his own in battle and spread the word of Pelor. He has done everything he can for his father but now it is time for Alrik to face his destiny and put his strength, will, and faith to the test. Alrik sets off on his own in search of adventure…

Alrik Whelan

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