Scattered Empires

9/25/11 Day 20
  • In the morning Captain Blake informed the party that Rhuarc Stryver, Ayro al’Tor, and Theora Fletcher had left earlier in the morning and still had affairs to settle within the city and therefore they could not join the others immediately on their quest to Lindel.
  • Although the group had diminished in size, Captain Blake introduced the others to Risca Filmere, another mage that gotten caught up in the fighting the previous evening. Risca agreed to take up this quest outside of the city with the others as a reprieve from the intense political situation in Dun-di City.
  • Before heading out on their journey, the party traveled to the Eastern Wards of Dun-di City to look for affordable adventuring gear. There they found Evard sleeping, and startled him awake. There the group gathered supplies and rations for the journey ahead.
  • Later that day the party began their quest traveling on the road out to Bison’s Crossing, the most direct path to Lindel. But along the way the group struggled with the intense heat of the region during the summer with a few close calls with heat exhaustion. The group began traveling at night to limit quicken their pace and avoid traveling during the hottest times of the day.
  • After four days of travel on Day 18 the group came upon a merchant as they passed by on the night, and they left a friendly note to him on a rock.
  • A day later the group came upon a warg in the wild, and an intense battle ensured. Naidda nearly set the hot, dry plains aflame while wildly casting spells in battle. Luckily the group managed to put out the flames before the fire could spread.
  • The session ended as the party ended their night of travel at 5:00am on Day 20. They have traveled a total of 88 miles from Dun-Di City
9/11/11 Day 14
  • Begins with Rhuarc and Harold in a tavern in Dun-di on a summer night.
  • Harold give Rhuarc news of recent events since he has left; even bigger crack-down on magic users and the magic counsel has withdrawn even more. Everyone is in lock-down and no magic user may move about freely in the city.
  • Many ruffians and drunks in the streets; a group takes notice of Rhuarc and Harold and attempts to “teach them a lesson”.
  • Harold attempts to flee but becomes badly wounded.
  • Rhuarc engages enemy group.
  • Naiada, Theora, Alrik and Ayro are also patrons of the tavern at this time. Alrik attempts to stop the conflict, but the fight moves outside. All characters engage the ruffian group.
  • City Guard Isaac attempts to break up the fight but more ruffians enter the fight. The group successfully kills a few and maims the rest of the enemy. The guard takes the group down to the Guard House in the Dun-di fighting academy for questioning.
  • Captain Blake questions the group about the tavern brawl and encourages Rhuarc and the rest to leave the city. He gives them a quest to investigate the barbarian raids occurring in the town of Lindel as a means to remove themselves from Dun-di. He offers 1,500gp in pay.
  • The group accepts and recuperates at the guard house and will attempt to procure supplies for their trip in the morning.

…and Harold is okay.. he is being cared for the at the guard house as well.

*End Session

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